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Vaseline | Unilever | Mindshare

The objective

Vaseline is one of Sri Lanka’s biggest body care brand and due to the highly saturated body care market, the brand is always looking for effective and efficient solutions to stay top-of-mind with its key audiences. For an upcoming campaign for its core variant, they were keen to test if YouTube Video Reach Campaigns could help drive a stronger lift in ad recall while delivering effective and efficient video ad completions, without compromising on its reach goals.

The approach

A controlled audience split for A/B testing using Video Experiments:

  • Control group: 15s Non-skip campaign
  • Test group: Video Reach Campaign (Efficient Awareness objective with 15s Non-skip and Skippable ads)

Geo: Sri Lanka
Duration: 1.5 weeks

The same audience targeting and creative assets were used across both groups; Measurement included Unique reach reporting andBrand Lift study.


Ad Recall lift




Completed views

The insights

With Video Reach Campaign for Efficient Aw areness, Vaseline was also able to leverage AI to dynamically optimize the video ad format mix towards its brand awareness goals and delivered -20% cost per completed video view while driving an incremental reach of +14%.

It was a great experience to execute video automation via Video Reach Campaigns in the Unilever Beauty Category. We were able to define our brand to a wider audience in Sri Lanka while receiving actionable insights and metrics in return.

Siva Sivaharan, Director, Client Leadership (Mindshare)

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